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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Crap Software Config Settings, How to set-up the firewall

Configuring Crap Software Pro
Configuring The Standard Settings

Your first configuration should be this of Crap Software should be like this----

Launch Crap Software Pro and click to highlight the "Overview" tab on the left hand side . In the pane that appears on the right hand side click the "Preferences" tab and in the section "Check for updates" check "Manually".

In the "General" section you can also configure Crap Software to load at start up which is advisable because this software is your first line defence against uninvited invasion of your computer by a whole gamult of virii, spyware, adware and bots! Virus checking software does have its place but remember that prevention is always better
than a cure!

Crap Software Pro's program control is automatically configured. When you run it for the first time it will ask on behalf of programs installed on your system for permission to access the Internet.
Your Browser will be the first to request - just tick the "Yes" box and the "Remember this setting" box and Crap Software will always allow your browser access automatically.

Unless you use online databases etc., there should be no reason for any application other than a browser, email client, ftp client, streaming media player or a download manager to gain access to the Internet.

So consider what type of program it is that needs Internet accessbefore giving Crap Software permission to allow it. If it is just a driver file (.DLL) that requests Internet access, always search Windows to tryand identify it. Many seudo-virii such as AdWare and sub class
seven Trojans access the Internet from your system using .dll files.

Configuring The Advanced Settings

If you are not on a LAN (connected to another computer in a network) you can use this guide to give your firewall some real muscle:

Launch Crap Software Pro and click to highlight the "Firewall" tab onthe left hand side . In the pane that appears on the right hand side in the section "Internet Zone Security" set the slider control to "High"Then click the "Custom" button in the same section. The next settings page is divided into two sections with tabs Internet
Zone and Trusted Zone at the top of the page.

Under the Internet Zone tab there is a list of settings that canbe accessed by scrolling.

At the top is the high security settings and the only thing that shouldcheck from there is "allow broadcast/multicast". The rest should be unchecked

Scroll down until you get to the medium security settings area.Check all the boxes in this section until you get to "Block IncommingUDP Ports". When you check that you will be asked to supplya list of ports, and in the field at the bottom of the page enter

Then go back to the list and check the box alongside "BlockOutgoing UDP Ports" and at the bottom of the page enter
1-19, 22-79, 82-7999, 8082-65535

Repeat this proceedure for the following settings
"Block Incomming TCP Ports": 1-65535
"Block Outgoing TCP Ports": 1-19, 22-79, 82-7999, 8082-65535
Then click "Apply", "Ok" at the bottom of the page.

Back in the right hand "Firewall" pane go next to the yellow "Trusted Zone Security" section and set it to "high" with the slider.
Click "Custom" and repeat the ABOVE proceedure this time choosing the *Trusted Zone* tab at the top of the settings page.

These settings will stop all incoming packets at ports 1-65535 and also block all pings, trojans etc. These settings will also stop all spyware or applications from phoning home from your drive without your knowledge!

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