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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Share USB 3g Modem Internet Connection

How to Share USB 3g Modem Internet Connection a Complete tutorial

EVO is the 3G wireless broadband internet service from PTCL. Now you can share your USB 3g Modem 3.2 and USB 3g Modem7.2 without any additional hardware. All you have to do is follow these simple steps. All you need is a PC with NIC/LAN Card and USB 3g Modem and configure some settings in order to share the internet from USB 3g Modem device.

You can also share other wireless internet connection like Wi-Tribe, Qubee, Wateen, by following these simple steps.

How to Share USB 3g Modem Connection between two computers.

ICS "Internet Connection Sharing" is a builtin Windows feature and will enable to configure a PC as a network gateway. You will need a network switch in order to share with more than one PC.

You will need two network connections on your computer: one for the Internet (USB3g) and one for your internal network (LAN).

How to Share USB 3g Modem Connection Over a LAN

To Share USB 3g Modem Internet connection follow these steps:

1. Simple Methood

Computer A:
Windows 7 settings
Connect computer A to rest of network (Switch / Computer) by using LAN cable > Connect computer A to the Internet using your USB 3g Modeme, Double Click on the evo connection adaptor > Go to Advance > Select "Allow other network users to connect through this copmuter's internet connection".

Use these settings (Computer A)
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Computer B / C / D:
Connect these computers to the Switch, use "auto configure" LAN properties on these computers. or you can use your own settings:

Settings for win xp - click to enlarge
Computer B
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Computer C
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Computer X
IP Address: 192.168.0.X
Subnet Mask:

2. Alternate Methood: (Standard)

By following these steps you can share any internet connection to your LAN, including (GPRS / EDGE, wi-tribe, wateen, Qubee and etc...)

Start the Network wizard. You can accomplish this by going to Start > Programs > Accessories > Communications > Network Setup Wizard. The alternative method to starting the wizard is to open the Control Panel and open Network Connections.

Click on Set up a home or small office network in Network Connections.

PTCL EVO Sharing
click Next

Internet Connection Sharing
click Next

Share Your EVO Connection
Choose 'This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the internet through this computer.' and click Next.

Windows 7 EVO
Choose your Internet connection from the list and click Next

EVO Share Modem
Enter a Computer Description and click Next

Enter your workgroup name and click Next

EVO Tips and Tricks
Click Next to setup your connection.

You can also setup Internet Connection Sharing by right-clicking on your Internet connection and choosing Properties. Click on the Advanced tab and check the All other network users to connect…through this computer's internet connection checkbox and click OK

In order to use this shared internet connection on other computers, you will need to configure those Computers.

click Next

click Next

Choose "This computer connects to the internet through another computer on my network or a residental gateway' and click Next

how to share wateen wireless connection
Describe your computer and click Next

how to share Qubee connection
Enter the name of your network. Click Next

how to wi-tribe wi-fi connection
The wizard will complete, click Finish and Enjoy.

Internet Connection Sharing is inflexible in many regards, not allowing you to change its initial static IP address or those in the range that it assigns to client computers. It assigns your LAN connection an IP of and then other clients on your network receive 192.168.0.x addresses.

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