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Saturday, August 29, 2015

How to Solved Black Screen With Cursor In Windows 8.1

Here I am fixing a black screen error with the cursor after upgrading Windows 8.1. So read below solution to fix black screen with cursor error. Today lots of devices like laptops and tablets are almost windows 8.1 and a lot users recommend Windows 8.1 as operating system. But before few days I came across the big problem. When I login to my account using my password, then I saw the black screen and the only cursor. The only thing that worked was my mouse and the keyboard and the cursor was only moving around the screen. So, in this post we will see the solution to this serious problem.

How To Fix Black Screen With Cursor In Windows 8.1 
Solution 2:

Step 1:
First of all, open ‘task manager‘ by pressing [Ctrl+Alt+Del].

Step 2:

Now click on ‘file‘ and then go for ‘new task‘.

Step 3:

Then just type ‘msconfig‘ and just click ‘OK‘ to open system configuration.

Step 4:

Go to the ‘tools‘ tab and then click on ‘Restore Reset to Earlier Date‘ and then select the earliest date that will be available there and then click ‘OK’.

Solution 2:
Step 1:
Click on the power icon from the black (login) screen and then just select Restart‘.

Step 2:

Now hold the shift key until the menu appears.

Step 3:

Now go for ‘Troubleshoot‘ and then just reset your PC.


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