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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Finding Missing Files From A Releas

I hope this hasn't been submitted before, but i did a search and didn't find anything so here goes.
Have you ever downloaded a game/app/movie/... and when it was finished, you find out that are some missing files or corrupt ones?
Well here's a way to find those files:
This is a service that works through irc (so mirc (or another) must be installed to use it).
You go on the specific channel (manually or by clicking one of the direct links on the site) and then "ask" for the specific file.
When there's someone out there who has it, it will be send to you automatically
If not, the file request shall be put on a queu list untill someone that has it, has sent it to the person that requested it.
!!! Obey the rules though, if not you can be banned from the channel and in severe cases your provider can be banned so others won't be able to use this !!!
I hope this can help out some people here, who have experienced/will experience this

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