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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Modern Phreakers Guide To Beige Boxing

Table Of Contents
I. Introduction

II. Parts

III. Construction

IV. How To Use

V. Different Uses

VI. Other Ways of Beige Boxing

VII. Greets

Well as the title states this is the “Modern Phreakers Guide To Beige Boxing”.
Most people think phreaking is a dead art, but a few boxes remain. The Beige Box, also known as the Lineman’s Handset, is alive and kicking. What the beige box does is lets you “jack” into another person’s phone from outside their house. This can be very useful for prank calls, tapping a phone line, long distance that you don’t want to pay for, and connecting to the internet through 56k for those extremely sensitivehacks.

Interested so far? Ok well this is all you will need:
1. A crappy ass phone that you wont miss (As small as possible)
2. Wire clippers
3. Wire Strippers
4. Alligator Clips
5. Tape

Most of these are common things you can find or steal from your dad. RadioSlut
(radio shack) carries alligator clips and so do hardware stores.

I’m gone go describe the way the wires are arranged inside a telephone line that
runs from your phone to the jack in the wall so there will be no confusion *cough*
CYRUS *cough*. I will break it up into 3 stages.

Stage 1: Outer Casing...... The un-touched phone line
Stage 2: Inner Wires....... This contains 4 wires 
(or two if you have a gay phone like me)
Stage 3: Exposed Wire...... The actual exposed wires.

Ok now take the outer casing and cut all the way through the wire right before the male plug (the part that goes into the jack in your wall). Then take your wire
strippers and strip that wire back 5 inches so you can see the other four wires.
Clip the two wires on both sides (unless you only have two) so the two inner wires are the only ones left. Then strip the two inner wires about half an inch so you havefully exposed the wire. Now you take your alligator clips and attach one to each wire, making sure the wire is up inside the clip good and the exposed wire is touching the metal on the clip. Tape the wire down good so it won’t move or come out and BOOM you have just completed your first beige box.

How To Use://
Well here is the fun part; usage of your newly built Beige Box. What you are looking for is a box outside the house that all the phone lines run to. It should be about 10”x10” and were I live you need a screw driver to get into it. Once you have found it you should see a bunch of wires running to four round things that are positioned
like so:
O   O

 O O
Ok now take your alligator clips and put them on the two bottom ones or the two top ones, either way it should work, now pick up your box and you should hear a dial tone, dial out like you normally would.

Different Uses://
Hmmm well if you haven’t figured out what you’re gonna use this for then why are you building it? Maybe you want to call your online girlfriend long distance, maybe you want to harass the operator for fun, maybe you want free phone sex, or maybe you wanna hook up your laptop and dial out. All this can be accomplished by using the beige box. But I warn you, if someone picks up on the line and hears you talking they are going to get suspicious, so don’t call someone who will rat on you or say your name while using it.

Other Ways of Beige Boxing://
Yes there are other ways, and some are extremely nifty. Some modern terminals (Things outside the house) have jacks so you don’t need to build one, just take a regular phone and plug it in like you normally would, but that disables your ability to listen or fuck with the person talking so I don’t use this method. Another way is take your beige box to a COCOT pay phone and either follow the wires that run from the phone till you can expose them or cut the wire on the handset at the actual payphone and hook it up there.

Yo I wanna thank the guy who taught me how to phreak, his name is The1, also I wanna thank cyrus for your constructive criticism and mikecc for testing my tutorial out (even tho ive tried explaining it to ya before). I’ll be releasing more phreaking tutorials later and only on ODSOURCE.COM so look for them.

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