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Monday, October 19, 2015

Advanced Google Search Operators

Advanced Google Search Operators to 
Get Better Search Results
 Google!! Whenever I want to search for some thing in the web, I remember  Google and type my search phrases in the Google search engine.  I wonder that it never upset me.


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But there are some tricks to get more relevant search results in Google. Searching Google with search operators will land you in more relevant search results accordingly. Here are some search operators are listed that you must know.

## Exact Phrase ( ” ” ): This operator searches for the exact keyword phrase included by the quotes.
Keyword: “The Royal Bengal Tiger”.
Result: This will show the results that include exactly the phrase The Royal Bengal Tiger.

## Excluded Word ( – ): This operator excludes the specific word or phrase related results.
Keyword: Operating system – microsoft.
Result: This will show all the results related to operating system except the microsoft.

## Multiple Words ( OR ): The OR operator searches for the web pages containing either the words.
Keyword: Hotels Kolkata OR Delhi.
Result: All the web pages with the word “Hotels” and either the word “Kolkata” or “Delhi”.

## Similar Words ( ~ ): Searches for a word and all the similar meaning words (synonym).
Keyword: ~cell phone.
Result: Searches for the word “phone” and all the synonyms of “cell” e.g mobile, cellular etc.

## Numeric Range ( … ): Searches for the range of two numeric values.
Keyword: British Emperor 1820 … 1900.
Result: Search results with “British Emperor” and all the years between the range 1820 to 1900.

## Unit Conversion ( $ in pound ): Converts the units of measure from one to another.
Keyword: 500$ in pound, 500 cm in foot, 500C in F
Result: All above keywords will convert the amount 500 dollar to pound, length 500 centimeter to foot and temperature 500 Centigrade to Fahrenheit respectively.

## Find Meanings ( define: ): The define: operator find the definition of a word or phrase.
Keyword: define:humanism.
Result: The links of the pages containing the definition of the word “humanism”.

## Site Specific (site: ): Searches in specific sites.
Keyword: windows
Result: It will search for the word “Windows” in the site

## Linked Pages ( link: ): It searches all the web pages that are linked to a particular website.
Result: This will search out the web pages that link to

## Mathematical Operators ( +, %, -, / ): The mathematical operators shows the search results related to the mathematical calculation.
Keyword: 4+8, 30% of 200045.
Result: You get the answer of those calculation.

Download the PDF file containing the search operators and their details.

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