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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Yahoo + geocities Posts

Like the BrTurbo links... there's a little bit to know what the links from Yahoo/Geocities do... or how they work...

Maybe this can be pinned here as the BrTurbo post thread is posted here as well !?

The Beginning :
You must use a downloading program like flashget. 150+ Kbps download speeds

There is a lot of people downloading from these servers so don't be surprised
if it's hard to get the files lickity split, it will take time, maybe up to 24hours or longer.
Error 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable), 508 (Unused) or 999 (Not available)
will be a Normal Response

( Error 404 is the only response you DON'T want = File deleted )

The following are tips for downloading from Yahoo/Geocities, you will get what you want quicker and easier by following them.

A few restrictions that I've figured out by downloading from the Y/G servers:
You Must only use 1 jet (split part) per file, each extra jet added acts like a separate file and you will have to do the IP change more often (see below).

Example: with 8 jets or split parts seems like 8 separate files
to the server yet you've only downloaded 1 file (IP change range 10 to 15 files)
If you don't mind changing your IP every 5 minutes then use all the jets you want, LoL
but I recommend just leaving at 1 jet per file.

(MOST Important)
You MUST change the Referrer on every file so it is Blank, if it isn't set correctly
you will get a 403 (forbidden error)
(Tip from DarkKnightz)

The next section in most cases won't need to be read, But if
you do have a problem come back and read the rest, LoL

Your downloads will stop at times with a code 999, 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
or 508 Unused, be patient it will restart but give it some time, But if it doesn't restart after 10 or so retries try pausing the download for 5 to 15 minutes, or move on to another file and come back to it later. Keep bouncing around because sooner or later they will start.

Most times if you pause your downloads for 5 to 15 minutes, they will restart,But this is a last resort (IP Change)
Before doing this make sure you gave the files plenty of retries (approximately25 No starts) 
If No more of the files will start downloading and your getting a 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable, 508 Unused or 999 Not available, all you need to do is change your IP number.

#1 by re-dialing (Dial-up)


#2 disconnect your modem from the net (disconnect your modem in the setup interface)
for about 30 seconds, reconnect the modem and you'll have a new IP.
Unless you have a static IP, in which you'll have to use proxies like with BRTurbo
to evade the max bandwidth restriction.

Any files that continue to be a problem Re-check to make sure you have the proper
referrer set, if they're all OK then you may have to wait a few hours and start where
you left off.

If you have a static IP use a proxy like when you download from BRTurbo links.

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