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Friday, January 15, 2016

Installing Software (Part 3)

Red Hat Package Manager, also know as RPM, is a tool in Linux for software package management that is used tomaintain software database and their files.  In thissection, you learn about:

Red Hat Package Manager

 Installing Software through Command Line Interface
Red Hat Package Manager
        Following are the two main characteristics of RPM:

     RPM file:  Comprises all the essential to run a specific program, and the important scripts to carry out the installation on its own.

      RPM tool:  Carries out common management of all the RPM jpackages, which are installed on a particular host.

     Installing Software through Command Line Interface

The following points should be kept in mind while installing software thourgh command line interface:

RPM  packages are installed using the –I option to the rpm commond.
For example, if the package, nano-.3-18.src.rpm has to beo installed then the following command;can be given.

Conventionally-I option is also used with –v option that makes rpm to be more verbose.

The –h option makes rpm to display progress meter, which is as follows:

        # rpm  -ivhevolution-2.0.4-6.src.rpm


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