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Monday, May 23, 2016

All About HDMI

 All About HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

HDMI connection (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). What is it exactly? HDMI is a HD cable to connect multiple electronic devices ranging from home entertainment to the computer but the difference between an HDMI cable can replace some functions at once.
The most simple example like this, if you want to connect a DVD player with TV,

you usually need a minimum of 2 cable is a cable for audio and one cable for video. With the two HDMI cables can be combined into one, so installation is easier and no hassle. With an HDMI cable then there are some transmissions that can be done is replace the video cable, cable audio and last is the data. The presence here is not limited to HDMI cable is only as versatile but also has some advantages over regular cable that is: Has speed data transfer rates up to 10.2 GB per second that will produce quality pictures and better sound. Communication 2 directions.

HDMI is also capable of communicating in two directions so that the tool that one can interact with each other. In this case, eg, an HDTV (High Definition TV) with DVD Player, simply can communicate with each other to get the best settings so that images appear in an optimal fashion. Use an HDMI cable of course can not be used directly because previously you have to ensure that the appliance you have already support this HDMI connection. But as technology itself, an HDMI connection will become the standard connection such as a USB connection that already exist on all computers. Hdmi latest development of this technology which is marked by the launch of an HDMI ver. 1.4 is able to make an HDMI cable instead of an ethernet cable. But perhaps as a data cable, HDMI has a shortage of long HDMI cable itself is recommended between 70-30 m only, while for more than that, we need additional tools. Hopefully, this article is quite useful .

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