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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Internal Card Reader

 A simple way to get data from your camera or other portable device to the computer is by installing a memory card reader. This allows you to simply remove the card from a device and put it into the computer, reacting the same as a computer disk or CD.

1). Open the computer case. Usually there are 2 screws that when removed will release the side of the computer. At this point make sure there is an open drive bay to install the memory card reader. Many have an adapter so they can fit in different size spaces.
2). Mount the memory card reader. This usually calls for 2 screws in each side of the drive. If you are using an adapter, you will first mount it into the adapter and then into the computer case.

3). Locate an unused USB header. A USB header is 2 rows of pins, 5 in one row and 4 (plus a dead-pin) in the other (See picture). There should be a cable on the back of the memory card reader. Plug this into the header. To make sure it is not connected upside down, there is a dead-pin. This is a solid space on the connector. Line this up with the missing pin on the motherboard.

4). Put the computer back together. Connect all the cables, keyboard etc. Turn it on. It may notify you that there is new hardware. Follow manufacturer specifications for installing drivers. Many computers will not require you to do anything at this point to install the drivers.

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