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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How to setup a wireless printer

1. The first thing you will need is a wireless computer with a wireless network card included. If your computer doesn’t have a wireless network card, you can buy one at any computer store.  

2. The next thing you will need is a router. You need to make sure that both your computer’s wireless network and the router are 802.11 compliant. There is 802.11b (standard) and also 802.11g (if you are printing a large amount of pages). D-Link and Linksys are two companies (of many) that make wireless routers. A wireless router will cost you around $50 – $90.  

3. Now you need to setup your wireless router to your computer. D-link software usually will help you with this process. 

4. Once your computer recognizes your wireless router you are ready to go. 

The next thing you will need is a wireless printer. I have the Lexmark X4550. Is it a very good printer, copier and scanner. The setup is very easy as well. 

5. Once your printer software is installed onto your computer, do the following:


1. Start

2. Control panel

3. Go to hardware and sound —-> printers (just printers in XP)

4. On the toolbar click add a printer

5. Click the box, Add a network, wireless or bluetooth printer.

6. Finally your computer will search for the printer and you can then click on it and you are done. 

Note: – Make sure that your printer software is installed onto all of the computer in your wireless network. this will allow you to print from any computer in your house.

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