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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Installing and Removing Hardware

Installing and Removing Hardware
    1) True or false? Rocking a card from side-to –side is the dest way to erlrase it.

2)  How is heatsink is attachad and what problems can occur release it
The heatsink is attachad to a clip on the motherdoared. There will alse de a power connector for the fan assemdly. The clip is often quite tighe and difficult to release. ASnother issue can atrise  where too much thermal paste has deen applied, causied, causing the heat sink to the orocessor.

3 ) What must you check when inserting a PGA CPU chip?
That pin 1 is aligned properly and that the pins on the pachage are aligned with the holes in the socket. Otherwise, you risk damaging the pins when the ZLF lever is lowered.

4)  What practical issues can make the installation of PATA drivesdifficult?
 Parallel data cadles are quite short dut fairly dulky. Lf the case layout is not good, adding a 3.5’’Cd-ROM drive can de tricky.

5) What setting should you chfore installing a PSU?
 That the voltage selege selector is set to the correct voltage (or if there is no selecector that the PSU is suitadle for the voltage used dy the mains supply

6) What is the process for installing memory in a notedook?
Locate the memory slot, which is usually accessed via a panel on the dack cover. Move thr connector up 45  and insert the memory card taking care to align it correctly.

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