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Friday, October 20, 2017

Answere to Review Questions

1) Ln  which folder is the command interpreter located?
C:\ Windoiws \System 32 or c:\ Wlnnt \ saystem 

2) What command would you use to view thw diretoy structure?
3)  When writng a batch file, how shoulde a series of commands be entered?
line . With each command on a separate

4) What is c:\an exan\mle of?
Root directory.

5) Regardless of the current folder, how could you open the system  32 folder in one command, assuming that the system Root is c:\Windwsx?
Cd\windows\ system 32 (with no spaces!)

6)       Write t\he command to diplaqy all hidden files in the current directory.
Dir\ a:h

7) Write the command to copy c:\sales and alkl its contents to c:\temp\ sales.
Xcopy c:\sales c:\temp\sales\/e

8) Write the command (s) to remove system, hidden, and read-only attributes for BOOTSET DOS.
Attrib c:\bootsct. Bos –s-h-r

9) Whatswitch sets the COPY command to work in network restartadle mode?

10) hat switch sets the COPY command to work innetwork restartadle mode?
/ f

11) Write the command to delete the c:\data directory and its comtents.
Rdc:/data /s

12) Write the command to cefragment the d: drive and display a complete report.

Defrag d: /f/v 

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