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Friday, July 27, 2018

Oppo might be launching a phone with 10GB RAM later this year

Oppo launched the Oppo R15 in March this year, but based on a speculation, the company is gearing up to launch its successor already. It was presumed the successors to the flagship will be the R15s and the R15s Pro, but rumour has it that the company will be skipping a number and launching the Oppo R17 as its next-gen flagship. 

The information was shared by a Chinese leakster that goes by the name Kumamoto Technology on Weibo who also claimed that the Oppo R17 will have a whopping 10GB of RAM.  The leakster also shared an image, reportedly of an Oppo sponsored media event where the Oppo R17 branding could be clearly seen. Based on that, it appears that the Dongguan-based company might be launching the R17 in the coming months. 

Kumamoto Technology has been claiming Oppo and Vivo are working on 10GB RAM phones for launch this year, since a coupled of months. Along with sharing the image of the Oppo event, the leakster also shared his previous post about 10GB RAM phones, hinting that this could be the deca-RAM phone from Oppo. 

However, it’s advisable to take the rumour with a large pinch of salt. Apart from the Oppo Find X which has 8GB of RAM, all other phones by the company maxes out at 6GB RAM

The R15 and the R15 Dream also have 6GB RAM. Going by that, the R17 may not be featuring 10GB of RAM, but you never know. However, making full use of a 10GB RAM phone will be a whole different story.

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