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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Samsungs Bixby 20 could support third-party apps on Galaxy Note 9

When Samsung announced that it is developing Bixby 2.0, it said that it is reinventing the digital assistant "from a novelty to an intelligence tool that is a key part of everyone's daily life." The South Korean giant claimed that Bixby will be available on smartphones, TVs, refrigerators, among other electronic devices to give users a complete Internet of Things (IoT) experience, as well as bring enhanced natural language capabilities for a more intuitive experience. Now a report says that Bixby 2.0 will support third-party apps on the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. DJ Koh, Samsung Mobile Division CEO, revealed that Samsung is currently testing the beta version of Bixby 2.0 with around 800 partners. “Considering the current speed (of development), Bixby 2.0 can be showcased through the Galaxy Note 9,” he said at a press conference at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. The company also announced that with Bixby 2.0, developers can take advantage of the assistant and add support for their services. “We know Samsung cannot deliver on this paradigm shift by ourselves--it can only happen if we all, across all industries, work together, in partnership. With Bixby 2.0, the doors will be wide open for developers to choose and model how users interact with Bixby in their services across all application domains e.g., sports, food, entertainment, or travel – the opportunities are truly endless,” EUI-Suk Chung, Samsung Executive Vice President and Head of Software and AI, said while announcing company’s first private beta program with Bixby SDK. Like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby will also be capable of differentiating users and deliver tailored responses. Currently, if you have Gmail open and you ask Bixby to compose a mail for you, it does not open the ‘write mail screen’ in the app, instead it opens the native email app to compose the mail. With third-party support, Bixby 2.0 will compose the message in the Gmail app itself. A huge part of the Bixby development is done at SRI-Bangalore -- the company's largest Research and Development facility outside South Korea. The company has two more R&D centres in Noida.

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