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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Samsung announces 8K Q900R QLED TVs

If you are looking to buy a state of the art 4K TV, then you may want to check this out. Samsung has announced that it is bringing 8K QLED TVs to the market. 8K TVs have four times more pixels than a 4K TV. Dubbed the Q900R series, the 8K QLED TVs from Samsung will be available in four sizes – 65-inch, 75-inch, 82-inch and 85-inch. There is no information available about the price or launch date for the TVs. The TVs have a maximum of 4000 nits of brightness which should be great for HDR content. With TV technology one of the key factors to focus on is the processor. 

The 8K TVs from Samsung will be powered by the Quantum Processor 8K. The processor of the TV boasts of AI Upscaling. This will be an important feature to show off as there isn’t a lot of 8K content going around to exploit the TV. AI in the case of the 8K TVs processor will be used to identify how to best upscale non 8K content on the TV. 

The system will maintain a sort of database every time it upscales content to help figure out the best way to make the content look good. Speaking of backlighting, the Q900R series of 8K TVs will have full array of backlighting. This is better than edge lit backlighting found on several LED TVs today. Samsung hasn’t said how many dimming zones the TV will have. 

Carrying 8K information over HDMI will require a lot of bandwidth. Thankfully, the new Q900R series from Samsung will support an HDMI 2.1 port, which is nice. Samsung has confirmed that the Q900R’s colour range is 100% of the DCI-P3 digital cinema spectrum. Also, the 8K AI Upscaling will work across any input, streaming service, set-top box, HDMI and USB. 

The company claims that it will work with mobile mirroring also. Last but not least, the Q900R series will have Samsung’s Ambient Mode. This means that instead of seeing a black mirror on your wall, you have the option to see digital artwork or photograph. In this mode, the TV uses very little power. 

In India, Samsung recently announced the launch of their Onyx screens in theatres in India to replace traditional projectors. We had a chance to experience the screen at a theatre in Delhi. It has been installed in PVR Vasant Kunj. You can read more about Samsung’s Onyx screens here. 

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