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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Wireless Internet Service Provider Setup for Beginners with bonded ADSL

 Wireless Internet Service Provider Setup for Beginners with bonded ADSL

I have notice that there is not much info on the internet about Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) setups so I am going to share with you my very own setup that is cheap and effective.

When people talk about wireless internet , they can only talk about how unstable it is. That is because in the past the wireless infrastructure were still in the development stage and did not perform that good and i am glad to say that we are officially in the wireless infrastructure "prime"  . I don't want to go to deep in how and why the wireless is awesome .

Lets get started.

WISP Basic Diagram and Setup

The setup is as Follow

1. 2x ADSL Routers Connect to Mikrotik RB750 (Bonder) WAN1 and WAN2 Port

Wan1 = IP uses ADSL 2 as Gateway
Wan2 = IP uses ADSL 1 as Gateway

2. From MT RB750 LAN Port connects to Mikrotik 2011uas (PPPOE Server)

RB750 LAN = connects to MT 2011 Wan =

3. PPPOE server is created on MT 2011 LAN =

4. From MT pppoe Server it connects to the tower wireless through a Point to Point connection

5. The client CPE Radio connects to the Sectors on the tower and a WAN pppoe client routers connects to the clients CPE inside the house were it connects to our PPPOE Server.

The Hardware i Use:

     ADSL Routers : I like to use Dlink and Netgear Routers

 Bonder and PPPOE Server : I find that Mikrotik router options is awesome for this jobs.

    3. Point to Point connections : ubiquiti Rocket M5 with 30dBi Dishes

     Point to Multipoint : Ubiquiti Rocket M2 with 16dBi 120degree Sectors

    5Client CPE: Depending on distance and interference (0km-1.5km Ubiquiti Loco m2) (1.51km-4km Ubiquiti Nanostation M2) i dont setup clients to fat because setup cost to client will be to high .
    PPPOE Client router: TENDA 300M WIRELESS-N ROUTER. It is a cheap and productive router and supply wireless inside the client house as well.

At this stage we have about 30 clients on 2x 10Mbps uncapped unshaped ADSL account.
 you don't need expensive fiber connections to start your WISP business. and you can grow by adding more ADSL connections from remote sites.

WISP Advanced Setup

By adding all your office devices to a switch , you can connect adsl connections from a remote site and distribute it to your clients . this help your network grow and support the user load.

I hope that this was informative for you and ask me any questions in the comment section

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