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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Apple iPhone Xs Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Specs Compared

We, at Digit, are exceedingly excited about tech. It’s why, when we saw and heard everything about the new iPhones yesterday, we instantly wondered how the new models would measure up against the competition. We perused the iPhone Xs Max’s spec sheet and figured within seconds that it’s just raring to take on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which launched in India last month. 

Both the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy Note 9 represent that top-of-the-line full-bodied flagship model that has the latest and biggest everything from Apple and Samsung respectively. Let’s see how the two compare on a spec sheet comparison: Agreed, there’s always more to an iPhone than just its spec sheet, but an initial glance of the numbers does give us something to ponder on. One easily noticeable difference between the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy Note 9 is the presence of expandable storage on the latter. It allows the total storage capacity to climb to 1 whole terabyte. 

The Galaxy Note 9 also sports a display of a higher resolution, which makes the pixel density rise to 516 pixels per inch. There are seemingly more similarities than differences between the iPhone Xs Max and the Galaxy Note 9. Notably, they both are IP68-rated, but the iPhone can venture deeper into water. According to the product pages of both models, the iPhone Xs Max can survive a plunge of up to 2 metres whereas the Galaxy Note 9 can manage only 1.5 metres. 

The camera setup on the both phones also matches quite closely. What about price though? Clearly, there’s a marked difference in price. As you can see, no variant of the iPhone Xs Max sells for a five-figure price. This difference, we believe, will surely be a deal-breaker for many buyers. Another less-noticeable difference between the two phones is the presence of a fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Apple, on the other hand, has elected to do away with Touch ID altogether on the new 2018 range of iPhones. 

A full review of the iPhone Xs Max, the smaller iPhone Xs, and the more basic iPhone XR should give us a better idea of the new iPhones perform in the real world.

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