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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Apple Watch Series 4s Fall Detection feature is turned off be default unless youre over 65

The new Apple Watch Series 4 comes with a bunch of new feature, one of which is ‘Fall Detection’. The idea is quite simple, if the Watch detects a fall and then no response, it would try and get attention of passersby and then send out a notification to emergency services and contacts. It sounds like a very handy feature to have. However, it turns out that the Fall Detection feature will be be turned off by default for most users.  According to the company’s support page, the feature is turned on automatically only if the age fed into the Apple Watch manually or via the Health app is over 65. Otherwise, the feature has to be manually turned on by heading to the Apple Watch app on the iPhone and tapping the ‘My Watch’ tab followed by ‘Emergency SOS’.  The page notes that the the Watch is also capable of false positives due to “high impact activity”. This could be anything from lead climbing, to burpees, to parkour. How the system works is that if the Watch detects a fall and notices that you are immobile for a minute, it will begin a 15 second countdown during which it will start ‘tapping’ your wrist and sound an alert that will keep getting louder. Once the countdown ends, the watch automatically contacts emergency services and sends a message to your emergency contacts. So if you do have a very active lifestyle, you might want to keep the feature off lest you accidentally send an emergency notification to your loved ones during your next workout.  For more information about the Apple Watch Series 4, check this out.

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