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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Google Pixel Book 2, notch-less unknown Pixel phone spotted in Google ads

Google is hosting an event on October 9, where it will announce the third generation of Pixel smartphones. The upcoming handsets have been leaked numerous times, as per which the Pixel 3 XL is rumoured to feature a notched display. 

However, netizens have come up with a theory that Google is deliberately leaking information about the Pixel 3 series of devices as a ruse to hide what the company is really going to launch. Now, some supposed Google ads featuring a Pixel device with a thin-bezel display, sans a notch, have leaked online via Slashleaks. Additionally, the company is rumoured to be working on two new Pixel Book 2  devices codenamed “Nocturne” and “Atlas” and the ads also show one of them. Separately, the other Pixel Book 2, via Chrome Unboxed, has also been spotted in a video that was uploaded and subsequently pulled down from the Chromium Bug Tracker.  

Starting off with the leaked Google ads, one of them reveals a new Pixel Book that is convertible, features slimmer bezels in comparison with the existing Pixel Book and is accompanied by a touch pen as well. The other ad is demonstrating how different Google’s products work together with the new Pixel Book, Google Home Mini and what is presumed to be the upcoming notch-less Pixel 3XL smartphone. If the alleged Google ad is to be believed, then maybe Google is working on a surprise for when it announces the Pixel 3 smartphones.  

The video that was pulled from the Chromium Bug Tracker is a short clip that shows a device with thin bezels. The keys are rounded and the hamburg icon key can also be seen, suggesting that the device could indeed be a Pixel Book. As mentioned earlier, there are rumours of two Pixel Book models and the one shown in the ads is convertible but not detachable, while the one seen in the bug tracker video looks like it can be detached and used as a 2-in-1.

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