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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

PUBG may get a new snow map called Dihor Otok

It looks like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG is all set to get a new map. Datamining the games files suggest that the developer, Bluehole, might introduce a new map called ‘Dihor Otok’ as well as new game modes and weapons. According to a post by u/allthenewsisgoodnews on the PUBG subreddit, the new map might come with a new weather type called snow storm and might be released this winter, but could be available on the experimenter server on the next couple of months.  Judging by the map, it would seem like the north side would be mountainous, while the southside would feature lush greenery. This should bring up come interesting tactical options, especially when it comes to camouflage. The Reddit user adds that the new Dihor Otok map would feature points of interest such as a Cosmodrome, Dunopark, Villa, Town, Cement Factory and Castle. It was also noted that there might be a new game mode called ‘Conquest’, which would play in a manner to the ‘Domination’ game mode in games like Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty. In this mode, two teams are tasked with capturing and holding three points of interest on a map. Further, the game might also get a new Night mode as well as a new weapon in the form of C4. Yesterday, it was revealed that the Sanhok map was finally making its way to PUBG Mobile. The update would bring the game up to version 0.8.0 and besides the map, would also include new weapons and vehicles. New weapons include the QBZ assault rifle and the Flare Gun. The Flare Gun works differently depending on where it was used. If used inside the battlezone, it would call in an airdrop, if used outside it, it would call in a Bulletproof UAZ.

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