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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Paytm Mall Maha Cashback Sale: Deals on air purifiers by Sharp, Blueair, LG, Samsung, Philips and others

The Paytm Mall Maha Cashback Sale is underway and the online retailer is offering a slew of offers on smartphones, laptops, phone accessories, Bluetooth speakers, home appliances and more. As the winters are fast approaching and the pollution levels are also growing day by day, buying an air purifier is a sensible decision to mitigate the health issues that one might face otherwise. 

Paytm Mall is offering cashback on many air purifiers but we have some of the best deals and offers listed here. Do note that one can avail an additional 10 percent discount on any of the following air purifier if they purchase using an ICICI bank debit or credit card.

SHARP-Air Purifier (FU-A28E) 
List Price: Rs 7,888 
Price after cashback: Rs 6,310 

The low-cost Sharp air purifier features an Active Plasmacluster technology to rid the air of odour, toxic gases and VOCs. It also features a HEPA filter to trap PM2.5 particles and comes equipped with a pre-filter to catch larger particles and improve the HEPA filter life. The device is rated to efficiently clean a 150 sq ft room with 5 air changes in an hour and is also operates without roducing ozone. 

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Breeze Compact Air Purifier List 
Price: Rs 8,880 
Price after cashback: Rs 6,660 

Weighing at 1.7 kg, the Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Breeze is indeed a compact air purifier meant for portable use. It features a 5 stage patented multi-layered purification process with a pre-filter, a HEPA filter and an activated carbon filter. The device has a rated coverage area of 200sq ft and CADR of 150 m3/h. 

Philips AC1215/20- 10k 
List Price: 12,000 
Price after cashback: Rs 10,800 

The Philips AC1211 air purifier comes with a HEPA filter and a VitaShield IPS Intelligent Purification System Technology with Auto Mode. With a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 260 m3/hour, the company says it can remove 99.97% allergens and ultra-fine particles as small as 0.02 microns from the air. 

Kent ALPS 55-Watt Air Purifier 
List Price: 16,500 
Price after cashback: Rs 13,200 

The Kent ALPS air purifier can deliver 400 m3 of clean air in an hour (CADR) and can be wall mounted as well. It has a rated coverage area of 463 sq ft The air purifier features a HEPA filter, along with an air ioniser that helps in capturing and lowering the air particulate levels in a room. 

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Wave Floor Console Air Purifier 
List Price: 19,991 
Price after cashback: Rs 14,993 

The Aeroguard Wave Floor Console air purifier by Eureka Forbes is said to feature a unique Compound Filter that combines 3 layers of filter technology. There is an Active HEPA Filter to trap airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size, along with a ‘BreatheSafe Filter’ that is said to reduce 99.97% of bacteria, along with odour and various gases. Finally, there’s an Activated Carbon Filter that absorbs impurities like VOC's and other noxious gases that are not captured in the earlier stages. 

Blueair Pure 211 Air Purifier 
List Price: 21,620 
Price after cashback: Rs 16,864 

The Blueair Pure 211 Air purifier features a CADR of 590m3/h and it comes equipped with an ioniser.  It has a 360-degree air intake to purify the air in a maximum area of 540 sq ft. It features a HEPA filter and along with odour removal capabilities, is certified to not produce any ozone while operating. 

Crusaders Air Purifier XJ-3900-A 
List Price: 27,499 
Price after cashback: Rs 20,624 

The Crusaders Air Purifier XJ-3900-A features six filters to purify the indoor air. It comes with a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, a HEPA Filter, a Tio2 Filter. There are also UV LED Bulbs and the device uses ionisation to improve the air indoors. The device is said to cover a maximum area of up to 800 sq ft. 

Blueair Classic 280i Air Purifier 
List Price: 33,900 
Price after cashback: Rs 30,510 

The Blueair Classic 280i air purifier is capable of cleaning a 279 sq ft room effectively in an hour. It comes with a single filter that collates a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. It features a CADR of 180 CFM for smoke, 200 CFM for dust, and 200 CFM for pollen. We have reviewed the air purifier to find that it is quite efficient and a steal at Rs 30,510. 

LG AS60GDWT0 Floor Console Air Purifier
List Price: 44,899 
Price after cashback: Rs 40,409 

The LG  AS60GDWT0 air purifier can cover an area of up to 624 sq ft, however, it weighs at 12kgs. It features 360-degree air filtration setup with a HEPA filter and a CADR of 430 m3/h. It also features a fan on top that can throw cleaned air as far as 7.5 m and it features a display that shows real-time PM1.0 values in the air. 

LG AS95GDWT0 Floor Console Air Purifier 
List Price: 89,080 
Price after cashback: Rs 80,169 

If simple air purification just doesn’t cut it and you have higher air cleaning requirements, the LG AS95GDWT0 might be a good choice. The air purifier has a coverage area of  980 sq ft and it comes equipped with a display to show PM1.0 levels in the air. It comes with a filter that combines the HEPA filter with an activated carbon filter. Alongside projecting air from the top module, it also releases air from a segmented section.  

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