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Monday, January 14, 2019

Samsung may bring LPDDR5 RAM in upcoming Galaxy S10 smartphone series: Report

Highlights: Samsung may bring LPDDR5 in S10 devices. The company may also bring UFS 3.0 on these phones.   The leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone are now flooding the internet and they are so focussed that they have already made the phone look like the one that will be bringing lots of industry-first innovation. One could be the introduction of LPDDR5 RAM in all S10 variants. The information was shared by a Twitter user Max J, however, his claim has been refuted by well-known tipster Ice Universe. Samsung has already developed the industry’s first 10-nanometer (nm) class 8-gigabit (Gb) LPDDR5 DRAM, which is pegged to set the stage for transition to upcoming 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered mobile applications. Samsung claims that the 8GB LPDDR5 boasts a data rate of up to 6,400Mb/s, which is 1.5 times as fast as the mobile DRAM chips used in current flagship mobile devices (LPDDR4X, 4266Mb/s). With the increased transfer rate, the new LPDDR5 can send 51.2 gigabytes (GB) of data, or approximately 14 full-HD video files (3.7GB each), in a second, the South Korean company added. The 10nm-class LPDDR5 DRAM will be available in two bandwidths – 6,400Mb/s at a 1.1 operating voltage (V) and 5,500Mb/s at 1.05V. The LPDDR5 is claimed to be able to power AI and machine learning applications, and will be UHD-compatible for mobile devices worldwide. The news of the the introduction of this RAM raises doubts because according to a report, Samsung will commence the mass production of the component in 2020. Since the RAM caters to the power needs of 5G capable devices said to become mainstream in 2020, mass developing the LPDDR5 RAM next year seems like a reasonable bet for the South Korean company. Rumours suggest that the onboard storage for the Galaxy S10 series of phones might also be upgraded to UFS 3.0, which is said to be twice as fast as the current storage modules and takes up less space, making room for other components. Several reports have suggested that a few companies may introduce 5G-enabled device in 2019 but according to IDC, customers will start seeing 5G on their smartphones sometime in the second half of 2019, with a steady rise in regional availability all the way till 2020. Related Read: Next OnePlus smartphone may have UFS 3.0 storage

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