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Monday, January 14, 2019

Twitter reveals more information about its upcoming beta programme

Highlights: Twitter will soon be releasing a separate beta app for testing new features. Anyone can apply but only the chosen ones will be able to test the features. The new app will come with features like highlighted replies, new designs for conversations and more. Twitter was reported to be working on a new beta app to test fresh features. In a conversation with TechCrunch, the company confirmed that it is indeed working on the new beta and also divulged some more information about it. First off, the company will be releasing a new standalone app to test beta features and users can sign up for participating in it. There's no non-disclosure agreement if one is selected to use the app, which means that one will be allowed to discuss the new features with others. As per the report, feedback from the new beta programme could widely affect the direction in which the development of the app goes. The first version of the new beta is said to introduce new designs for how conversations take place on Twitter. This will include varying colour schemes and highlighting important replies. “It’s kind of a new take on our thinking about product development,” says Sara Haider, Twitter’s director of product management. “One of the reasons why this is so critical for this particular feature is because we know we’re making changes that are pretty significant.” The colour coded replies on new conversations will enable users to distinguish between a tweet’s original poster, replies on it from the people they follow, and from others whom they don’t follow. In an image of the new beta app, the replies on a tweet from known people were highlighted in green, and the user’s own replies and replies from non-followers were in blue.  Image Credits: TechCrunch The algorithm deployed by Twitter to display the timeline to users could also be used to sort replies to a tweet. Replies from the people one follows might be displayed on top. Finally, the company might be looking to simplify the app for those who don’t want to deal with additional options by hiding the hearts button to like Tweets and the icons for retweeting. These options are said to show up only when one taps on replies.  Related Reads: Twitter is launching beta programme to test conversations feature: Report Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey banks on AI to help company curb fake news dissemination ahead of 2019 general elections in India  

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