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Friday, June 14, 2019

Huawei smartphone users complain of ads on lockscreen

Xiaomi is known for serving ads in its MIUI skin that runs on top of different Android versions. Users have been complaining about these advertisements and the company has reportedly taken note and could soon bring some changes. While Xiaomi seems to be listening to its users, it seems like Huawei might have taken a step in the wrong direction. Multiple Huawei smartphone users have reported seeing ads out of nowhere on their smartphones. First noted by Android Police, Huawei phones in several regions like Ireland, South Africa, Norway, the UK, Netherlands, and Germany started showing ads on their lockscreen. 

As per the report, various Huawei handsets are showing ads from Affected phones include the company’s last year flagship Huawei P20 series, along with the new P30 Pro. The P20 Lite and Honor 10 users have also complained about the same issue. Users note that these ads are served when one selects preinstalled landscape background wallpapers feature called Magazine Unlock. This option displays different landscape wallpapers everytime the phone’s screen turns on and the only way to avoid ads is to turn it off.  We have reached out to Huawei for a comment on this and will update the article when we hear back. 

@Huawei_Europe I just got an add of on my lockscreen. I am using a Huawei and I am not the only one who gets it.

— Ceel Beckers (@BeckersCeel) June 12, 2019

While it’s not confirmed whether Huawei is planning on introducing ads to its ecosystem, or whether this was a mistake. However, replying to an irked user, Huawei’s German Twitter account apologised and said, “I’m sorry that you think we want to advertise.” The tweet also mentioned that one can deactivate the ad by swiping up on the wallpaper from the bottom and navigating to settings. They can then manually delete the image which is displaying the ad. 

As mentioned earlier, Xiaomi has reportedly announced that it will now monitor and optimise the advertisements users see on MIUI. This doesn’t mean that ads are completely going away on the MIUI but they could be shown in a way that doesn’t ruin the overall user experience on Xiaomi phones. 

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