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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Samsung plans on releasing not one, but two foldable smartphones in 2020

It looks like foldable smartphones are the next big trend in smartphone design. Earlier this year, Samsung launched their first real foldable smartphone in the Galaxy Fold. There was a ton of hype behind it but it soon fizzled out as a few display issues caused the phone to be delayed. Undeterred, the Korean tech giant plans to release not one, but two foldable smartphones in 2020. 

Both Motorola and Huawei have released their foldable smartphones and more companies are looking at releasing their versions of the device. There have been rumors floating around the internet that state that LG will be launching their own foldable smartphone. It is very clear that this looks to be the next big design change in the smartphone industry.

Analysts and experts have talked about how Samsung plans to release two new foldable smartphones in 2020 and the first of these devices will reportedly come with a clamshell design. Reports state that the cover display will only be used to show users their basic information and features like battery info and such. The new clamshell phone should cost around $845 (Rs 60,500 approx) and could be launched in February 2020 along with the Galaxy S11. 

Experts have also said that the next Galaxy Fold will be announced towards the end of the year. First reported by LetsGoDigital, Samsung looks to have filed a patent with the Hague International Design System in May and only announced it in November. As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding these new devices but as we move into 2020, we expect more companies to experiment with their devices. 

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